Looking At The Moon

Hedgehogs everywhere, look up way up there at the moon

Look up at the moon

There’s nothing quite as nice except looking up twice at the moon (at the moon)

At the moon 

Who knows there might be a hedgehog family on the moon

Living on the moon

Causing quite a fuss looking down on us from the moon (from the moon)

From the moon 

Here comes the setting sun turning the day into night

Soon we’ll be having fun wondering what’s on the other side

The other side of the moon 

So don’t go to sleep without a little peep at the moon

Peep out at the moon

Because you never know you might be part of the show up on the moon (on the moon)

On the moon 

Are there hedgehogs on the moon listening to this little tune

Hedgehog hedgehog on the moon can you hear our little tune

Way up there

Way up there

Are there hedgehogs on the moon